It is often said that a mountaineer does not just wander off and find themselves at the top of the mountain, they plan for the journey, identify what they need to take them to the summit and then measure their progress against the plan.

It is simply not possible to take your business to the next level without a plan.

We have considerable experience in working with Garden Centres and Nurseries to produce business plans that help them to get where they want to go.

An effective business plan:

  • Defines the structure of the business
  • Develops the ethics and values of the business
  • Clearly states the objectives of the business
  • Identifies financial and business strategy
  • Develops a marketing plan
  • Reviews and evaluates the risks involved
  • Creates a strategy for change
  • Reviews market need
  • Carries out a competitor analysis
  • Creates robust income and expenditure projections

Business reviews and restructures

Restructures are often required in a business, in particular one that has been growing at a fast rate, and is now becoming problematic to manage. In these situations a new business structure is required. On the other hand businesses affected by a reduction in income for whatever reason often require a restructure which helps them to reduce expenditure while refocusing on the core activity to make it competitive and bring about a secure future.

We work with businesses to help them to review and evaluate where they are, whilst creating a plan of action to restructure the organisation for the short, medium and long term.

As a business grows it needs to be managed.

A startup or small family business needs less management as everyone is working to the same end and communication happens naturally around the dinner table. As a business grows, it needs a robust infrastructure with well developed policies/procedures backed up with sound day to day management and effective communication.

This may sound obvious but it is so easy to get caught up by the day to day issues until the situation becomes critical.

Waring Stewart Associates are able to support Garden Centres and Social Enterprises through these scenarios with out wealth of hands on practical management experience and knowledge. We specialising in working in partnership with the management team, never forgetting it is their business, and producing effective strategies for change.

All new ideas and strategies should be evaluated to ensure that they will bring about the desired change, and this is where feasibility studies can come into their own.

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