Waring Stewart Associates CEO Doug Stewart suggests 6 surefire ways to bring customers back to your Garden centre in January

  1. Get excited about spring, gardener are itching to get growing again this month, and companies like Suttons Seeds buy into this by offering ranges of seeds that can be started in January. A display on the way to the cafe, with seeds to start now, along with link products such as propagation equipment and smaller bags of compost could result in strong sales.
  2. Give them some help and advice, we have seed potatoes on sale, but what on earth do customers do with them between now and Easter when they plant the potatoes. A display of how to chit potatoes and potato fact sheets can help, here is a link to one we have produced for a client
  3. January is a great month to start a “Gardening Club” there are so many sessions staff could run from “Installing Solar lighting” to your shed (a new and growing product category) through to “Winter Pond Care” and “Secrets of Success” perhaps linked to houseplants or seed sowing.
  4. There are fabulous plants such as Sarcocca to wow customers, so what is your special offer to get them buying?
  5. Why not boost sales in the cafe with “Cake Away” offers, which are a play on takeaways, a coffee and slice of cake to go…
  6. Or why not fill the cafe early with two for one breakfasts?
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